Friday, May 30, 2008

Last Day at Head Start

So, it's hard to believe that today was the last day of Head Start! It's kinda surreal that I won't see the kids again and that I can go to bed and get up like a normal person . . . It's definitely bittersweet and I was surprised that I cried today. I feel so, well, disappointed. So many things just didn't get any better and it's hard not to end the year a little bitter. On the other hand, it was an AMAZING year with my kids and co-teacher, Katy. This is a picture of us today. . . We learned a lot together and grew a lot from this year. . . This is a picture of Olivia, beautiful! Tonight we were invited to dinner at a student's restaraunt and it was nice just to be with the family. What wonderful hopsitality and acceptance we felt from that family! Things I've learned from Head Start:

1. The relationship you build with the parents/family goes a long way with the impact you can have with the child.

2. How to file.

3. One phone call home about how spectacular the child is doing will give you the freedom to make a phone call home about how the child is struggling without parents becoming defensive.

4. You really can separate from your personal life (and even the drama in the office) while the kids are there. DO IT!

5. Planning is not actually as important as flexibility.

6. God always brings people who love and support you.

7. Stay true to who you are - we compromise because it is comfortable, but really, it's not worth it.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Parallel Parking Lessons

Okay, so i know it has taken me more than a month to get back to this, but I do want to blog, so . . .
A couple of weeks ago I took parallel parking lessons, since I am going to need to know how to do that in Chicago! A friend from church who can park her big SUV in little spaces taught me how. It was hilarious fun, but I'm definitely scared that I will hit the car in front of me. Notice in this picture that it looks like I am going to (I didn't). Also notice that there's not even a car behind me :-). Funny. And a little embarrassing, especially since the drivers ed car drove by while i was practicing and they were learning how to parallel park too.

I'm done with Head Start on Friday (thank ya Jesus!) and then I will officially begin my transition to camp. Pray that a perfect plan for moving my stuff will fall into place.