Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Summer Update

Hi All!

i can't believe it's been SO long since i have been able to update this. thank you to everyone who has praying for me! your support and encouragement is a tremendous blessing. this summer is HECTIC and i've been able to jump right in to all the craziness of camp. i'm still learning the ropes for my new role (and will be for quite a while) and adjusting to a very different role than i have had for the past 6 summers. please pray for me in this transition that i will have peace, patience, and sanity. :-)

this summer we have 2 additional cabin groups, bringing our weekly capacity up to 120 kids, ages 8-14. it's exciting to see the growth at camp as we continue to work on our new dining building and 3 new staff - including myself - are in the process of raising support to join the full-time team.

This is Dequarion. He lives in a mission with his mom and 3 siblings. This bag is all the stuff that he brought to camp for a week! Many of the kids who come to camp live in difficult situations - and for many the lack of stuff is hardly the most difficult of their situations. Last week we had a group of girls who were openly hostile to the gospel. One 11 year old said to me "F--- God, I don't need him. Why would I pretend like I want to praise Him while I am at camp when I know I am just going to go back to the city and live like I live?" It's an honest question - particularly if we wanted her to pretend. She doesn't understand that my life was changed because of a relationship! Pray that the hearts of the campers would be open and soft.

Please pray for Khandice. Pray that she would be able to move beyond the show and that she would desire God's will in her life.
For those who don't know, Shanica Turner is here from Idaho doing a three week mission trip. She's been helping out with meal prep, cleaning, life guarding, and assisting with 11 and 12 year old girls in cabins. Pray that serving God in this way will be life changing for her!