Saturday, August 15, 2009

Picture Perfect Summer

I haven't blogged in weeks, perhaps months .... It was my intention to update everyone throughout the summer, but that proved to be unrealistic. We had 811 campers (a new record for us) and program from 7:30 am to 11 pm, so the days are full. :-) 120 campers made first time decisions for Christ and another 66 made recommitments! Praise God for all He has done!!

I am at the end of a 12 week stint: staff training, camp, and 2 weeks of hosting retreats. I am going to catch my breath, catch up on the shockingly large pile of paperwork awaiting me, and then head to Chicago. Please pray that I will find housing that is convenient, safe, and affordable.

One of my summer roles was "chapel media girl". So I collected everyone's photos every day to do a slide show at chapel. Some of the kids at camp do not routinely see themselves in pictures, so they love this opportunity. Also, they are incredibly loyal to their family and love seeing siblings, cousins, and "play cousins" on the big screen. By the end of the summer my computer didn't even have enough memory to say it's own name, so I've started the long process of deleting unnecessary photos. I've already deleted over 6,000! So there's plenty more pictures where these came from! :-)

Me, Tashonya, and Liz.... Tashonya is a camper who's family I was able to get to know this summer and she goes to my Michigan church. Liz was my roommate last year and is the newest full-time Beechpoint staff member.
Aaron at the field trip to the dairy farm. Each week I took 20 boys and girls to a dairy farm about 20 minutes from camp and gave a tour. Mostly, they think it's gross - smells gross, looks gross, feels gross, and "I ain't never drinkin' no milk again" is gross.
Since the last time I blogged I have had visitors! Nick and Beth Duffel came to see me and attend a preaching conference in Grand Rapids. Nick with Cheyenne.

Beth with Jireh. It was so encouraging to see them, to share the ministry of Beechpoint with them, to spend some time being together .... I just miss everyone so much!!!

Also, Lanae Linard and her friend Michael Shae came out for a week as teen volunteers. They worked hard and really got to see what camp is like! This is us at Giordanos - Chicago-style deep dish pizza - with LaJuana, another teen volunteer they met at camp. I loved sharing my new life with my Idaho friends!
Directions: Using one large, flat sheet of cardboard, one roll of duck tape, and a box cutter, assemble a cardboard boat large enough to hold campers. Points are awarded for design, number of campers in the boat before it sinks, and number of laps between docks the boat is able to do.
ALWAYS a lot of fun and great pictures.

Good thing there are points for design, because I feel like this boat is going to take on some water quickly. :-)
This is Danielle. We took the picture right before the bus left, when she said "I wish someone could keep me so I could stay here." Wow.
On Weds nights we had theme chapel. These girls are dresses as roosters, because the cleanest cabin wins the rooster award - and bragging rights for the day. Clearly these girls were going to make sure everyone knew they were the roosters! We also had "mustache Tuesdays" where everyone on campus got marker mustaches. Pretty sure I have a picture of me with my handlebar mustache somewhere ....

Riflery - one of many activities to keep kids busy during the day. Campers have 5 Bible times each day: morning devotions, Power Hour, chapel, fireside, and night devotions. In between those times they do activities with their cabin groups.

Horseback riding - all campers 11 and older participate in horseback riding.

If one more of these climbs out from anywhere, then I'ma quit this camp!!!