Thursday, January 29, 2009

To Multi-task or Not To Multi-task?

It's been a minute since I've last updated my blog . . . Christmas was great! I was able to spend 3 weeks in Idaho seeing family, friends, and connecting with supporters. It was encouraging to see everyone and talk with people about the ministry of Beechpoint. I cried leaving, but after one day of being back in Chicago I remembered that I like it here! We had our first Winter Blast for this season last weekend and are preparing for our second winter camp in Feb. Pray for the kids who will attend - that their hearts will be open. Kids come Friday night - Sunday lunch and participate in outdoor and team building activities and attend 4 Bible lessons.

These girls are MaKaylah and MaKylah. They are super cute, affectionate, and competative!!!
These twins are Devin and Damien. (Okay, to tell the truth I am still not sure which is which.) They attend my church in Michigan - Christian Life Center - and so I get to see them once a month during the year and also throughout the summer. These boys are so affectionate to me and always innitiate hugging me and saying hi when they see me. They are great! They are 14 and are transitioning into the camp's teen leadership program. Hopefully they'll be a part of camp forever!

We do a big race through the woods called the Klondike Derby where kids pull a dog sled through a trail and do team building activities along the way. Apparently the kids aren't real familiar with dog sleds - cuz they'd having something to say about being used as dogs for the sled if they knew! Anyway... we give them hot chocolate after to try to pacify them about being so cold. I told these boys to "look over there and pose like you are in a magazine". Hahahahahaha!

Me and my friend Javier. And yes, that is me in the purple/pink/black get up. It was too cold to be worried about lookin' cute! I spent most of the weekend loving the littlest boys. The theme for the weekend was "Marks of a Hero" with lessons from the lives of Ruth, Caleb and Joshua, Daniel, and Esther. I love love love teaching Bible lessons! This weekend 3 campers accepted Christ and their Savior! 3 more campers made decisions to follow Christ more closely. Praise God with us for these young lives!

Late night sledding! If you live in the city there aren't really places to do this. The hill is a beast to climb up - but the kids LOVE sledding! Okay, maybe not the girl in the middle! :-)
Alejandra and me. Jala is in camp's Partners in Discipleship program. She completes a Bible study and memorizes a couple verses during the week and then meets weekly with a mentor to discuss what she is learning. Jala is EAGER to learn and loves Jesus and others. She receives opposition from her older sister for being nice to people and talking about God. Praise God for her faith and sweet spirit!

To multi-task or not to multi-task? Apparently that IS the question! This picture is HILARIOUS to me! I'm sure the first problem is that our friend here was tryin to wear his snow pants half way down in the first place. But really, this is a little much in the name of "style". I kept my camera ready in case he tried to walk and fell over. No such luck.

My new friend Thaddeus.

Tatyanna - Jala - JaKaila
* I've also updated my playlist with a couple of new songs like I am loving.
"Be Blessed" - my favorite line is "I see you in the future....and you look better!" and another praise and worship song called "Rescue". You can click on the playlist at the bottom of the page to pick songs...