Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Heat Wave

It was 58 degrees here today! We are having a heat wave! In celebration I found this flip flop background for my blog, put on a pair of flip flops, and walked (strolled) myself to the library. Fall is my favorite, but I could agree to some spring right now. :-) Some of these pictures are old, but I was busy at Christmas so I didn't get to post them.

These are "my" babies. We had a whole photo shoot as our Christmas gift to their mother. They are SO beautiful - and sweet, affectionate, secure, confident. . . I love this family (and I'm so thankful they love me!) We're a good fit too, because the kids are almost as excited to have their pictures taken as I am to take their picture. The other day when I was leaving after Bible study Jabri stopped me at the door and was like, "wait, we didn't take any pictures tonight!"

This is how grandpa came to the house on Christmas morning! The roads were bad so he didn't want to get stuck, and he helped pull some people out off the ditch on the way down. People read my blog from my home in Idaho and from my new home in Chicago (and other places) - so some things that would be common in one place are odd in another, and vice versa.

Like this picture. In my neighborhood many people park on the street. In the winter that can be tricky, because the snowplow doesn't do side streets. Not that I really know how he would, since people are always parked there. So, when there's snow it helps to shovel out a parking spot so you won't get stuck. Not everyone has a caring landlord like me who will help you get unstuck - thanks Nathan! You can mark your spot by putting chairs (or a couch, or pieces of wood, or trash cans, or whatever) in the street. Then when you get back you put them on the side of the road and park in the spot. So if you live here and this is old hat to you, just keep in mind it's new to me - and that tractor is old hat. :-)

This is my family at Christmas. My dad and mom - Wayne and Alice, and brother and sister - Matt and Sarah. Matt just graduated from college with a degree in film/ graphic arts/photography/communications/ish. He drives a gondola in L.A. right now. Sarah is working on a horse ranch in northern California training horses. Which sounds terrible to me because I feel like you'd have to touch a horse and they are, well, dirty. But to each his own, none of them are tryin to move to the city!

This is my attempt at making Jireh tall enough for me to braid her hair without hurting my back. A little ghetto to be sure, but as long as she sits still it's fine. So far, so good. I won't be posting any picture if she tips over, though. . .

These are my friend's girls - Analise and Aniyah. Their parents come out to camp in the summer for a week to volunteer and their mom disciple's children in camp's follow-up program. Their family has really made me feel welcome in the city and in their home. God's provided a lot of people who love and support me. Their dad wants to come check out where I'm trying to live when I move in the fall - his protectiveness probably encourages more people reading this than just my dad! :-) It's nice to have people here that I feel connected to and who love and accept me! God is good!
This is my new car seat! I got it on sale and it even half matches my car. This will be a great tool for ministry because I can take small children with me. The focus of my ministry is on campers (ages 8-14) but I am priveleged to get to know their families as well. I'm sure I will have abundant opportunity to use my new car seat.
By the way - note my clean car! Those of you who have been talking about me and the disaster I call a car can stop now. I have been cured! Mostly cuz I'm not tryin to have 5000 things sitting in the car so that my car is the obvious target when Ms. I'ma-Steal-A-Car-Today is walking down the street trying to choose one. There's a car was in my neighborhood that will hand wash and vacuum and dust and clean the inside of my windows. All this for only 8 dollars if I make it in time for the early bird special - before 11 am. Since I grew up with the "Idaho farmer early bird" job of moving wheel lines at 5:30 (shudder), I can most definitely make it in before 11. Last time I was there they dried my car with 2 leaf blowers, but that's hardly the point.