Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The summer is going good.

I wish I had time to blog every day and tell you stories of campers and fun and life change.  I wish I could post a picture a day so you could see everything I love about camp.  I wish I could video every camper telling their story so you could hear it from them.  As long as I'm wishing, I wish you could all come visit and see just what it is that makes camp so wonderful!

In the meantime I found these 15 minutes to upload some pics.  I promise to post more from summer camp in the fall. :-)
I love this picture - it makes me smile.  What a great new experience!  To be clear, I am definitely not trying to touch a chicken myself - or sit on the ground in a chicken coop, really boys ?! - but I love that they are loving it. :-)
Khaniysile kissing the Beechpoint mascot.
It's a well known (and teased) fact around camp that I am bad at building camp fires.  But since we've started using this indoor fire once a week I am suddenly self-sufficient! :-)
Jaelan and I at the park.
My friend Jess took this picture of Darrius.  I'm hoping this gets blown up and framed at camp!
Sugar sweet Tatiana at the park.
Morning devotions. :-)
Javion and Shamya - 2 happy campers headed home after a great week at camp!

Thank you so much for all of your prayers and care for me during summer camp.  Please pray for the remaining 2 weeks and 240 campers we are expecting to join us.  Pray that the staff will have endurance and the campers will come with hearts soft towards God.

Also, I miss all of you......

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