Saturday, June 25, 2011

White Sox Game - Take 2

This spring we again took our PID kids to a White Sox game.  I like this event because:
  • the work is done ahead of time - we pre-purchase the tickets and then everyone just meets up at the game
  • I get to have a bunch of my PID kids all in the same place at the same time
  • they sell cotton candy
  • I pass out the tickets so I always sit myself next to 2 people who will talk to me during the game
On the other hand, I dislike this event because:
  • it costs $25 to park
  • it takes a good long minute to get out of the parking traffic after the game.  (why not just take the train you ask?  because I wouldn't be safe walking back from the train station in my neighborhood in the dark)
  • it's baseball.  and let's be honest... I'm just not that into sports.
Rachel and I... it was a chilly and foggy base ball game.  Is baseball one word or two?
Kenya and Aunt Jan.  I got to meet Kenya's dad at the game.  He came with her because it was his birthday!
Me, my friend Nakeisha, and one of my PID kids, Tavontay.  Turns out Nakeisha really cares about watching the game.  Looks like we won't be sitting together at this next year. ;-)
My pretty girl Kiyasia!  She convinced her auntie to bring her along to the game and shared my cotton candy with me. :-)
Jakarri and Tavaris.  I haven't seen Jakarri in like 6 months.  He got into the car with a grown man voice!  I can't believe that all my "babies" are growing up, these boys are 13 and 14.  :-)  Look at Kiyasia tryna peak around the corner to be in the picture, lol.

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